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#MorningBrew☕️🗺 Remember this path is narrow —

.... and folks have their own paths to walk to reach where YAH is taking them! Some journeys you may have to take alone, and that’s okay as long as u get to the appointed destination! It all should lead back to YAH.. if there is a one accordness type thing going on.. but if not, #SoBeIt Allow THE MOST HIGH to do what HE doing.. Is it that you don’t trust HIM enough to know HE knows what you need for HIS mission?

🗣️There are seasons that we must go thru to complete the assignment. Some seasons require the same structure, others do not! And while YAH is not the author of confusion— HE will create chaos to force destruction IF HIS work ain’t being done correctly.. So when that happens, let it! Truthfully, we have to start being intentional and not emotional about HIS work! Are u in it for HIM or you… #SelfExamine and really understand WHO u have dedicated your life to and for💗📍 Ephesians 2:8-10

🏆HE should always be the reason and KNOW HE knows who, what, and when it is needed🎯🫶🏾

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