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#MorningBrew☕️😰 ONLY satan and his minions disguised as “friends, family, bro or sis”…

-- wants u to be mad that you are alive!! Yea, things seem bleak-or you “feel” like you aren’t where u should be.. maybe you suffered a loss and can’t cope with grieving.. hey maybe u just stuck without an explanation!! Listen, don’t you dare give in to the tricks of the enemy! That pesky little demon has one job.. to steal, kill, and destroy!! The enemy doesn’t want you to live in the promise.

Yesssss— I get it!! You don’t feel .. umm worthy?! Another lie from the pits of hell! YAH finds you so worthy.. HE gave you an ear to hear and each day you awaken.. is another opportunity to see HIS grace and mercy!! This walk isn’t for the faint.. but the full armored! So scream it to the top of your lungs.. or whisper it to the deepest part of your soul: I CAME TO ENDURE and live a life abundantly..because I am HIS—

💎Give thanks for all times and remember, you are worthy of life today-make it count!

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