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#MorningBrew☕️👩🏾‍🌾.. Listen yalll I gets it. I understand that it looks like everything —

-- around you is hard, and infertile grounds.. How can you plant something good there and expect it to grow??! Well, good thing it ain’t up to you!!! I’m here to tell you sometimes THE MOST HIGH needs us to see it’s HIM that is making it happen!

👆🏾Remember what faith is ... then toss them seeds... and let them fall where they may🤌🏾 Then 💝 Take notice to those beautiful flowers that Will grow from infertile grounds.... #KeepGoing 🪨REGARDLESS to where u land because as long as you are righteously heeding to your FATHER, HE may allow u to bend, but never will HE let you break...🙏🏾

🪨Matthew 13🌷

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