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#MorningBrew☕️🥴 Just when life gets dirty and then the rainy storms of tribulations —

.. mixes it up to a muddy mess and you begin to sink and there is no one to “help” you out… it ain’t over!!! Just #TrustHISProcess sometimes, you are being planted deep for a reason..when you have NO choice but to sit there.. in the mud, while HE reigns down on you…commanding you to GrOw… Only then will you sprout up and know HE is The Highest! There are times when HE got to show you WHO HE is… HE is the Great I AM, ALL that will ever BE! Just maybe, the faith in HIM is the action you need to activate that “suddenly” #SomeoneMayGetThisTomorrow


When was the last time you meditated on that word?


1. Water yourself.

Become saturated in the Scriptures. Read, listen, memorize, Inscribe, meditate on YAH's Word, and let the Holy Spirit teach you and bring all things to remembrance. (John 14:26) Beloved, this is not an option.

2. Get Some Sun.

Go outside.

Get some sun.

Sit in creation.

Go on a walk—breath in the goodness of YAH.

3. Rest.

When we are in the wilderness/buried/tested, we try to get out of it. We try to "fix" the problem. Our Messiah didn't fix His wilderness testing. He stayed in it for forty days and nights. As hard as it is, you have to rest and let the FATHER lead when you are in the wilderness.

✨Trust the symphony He has composed for your life.

✨Trust that He is working all things together for good.

✨Trust Him and rest in His promises.❤️ and GrOw🙌🏾

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