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#MorningBrew☕️🙌🏾 Just inhale, exhale.. Let’s all try it.. one time for the one time!!!

😥 [I’m sure that’s a cough ,but let’s jus imagine it’s a breath 😐😂] Siri play Obedience by anavieltheservant

🌎👀🌏Listen…sometimes life is happening a record speed around you.. and ur like 😨🤚🏿..wait what??? How.. but.. umm.. it can reallllly overwhelm you … ESPECIALLY, when u still didn’t finish the last 2 things on ur list..🥹Just pause.. #helpisontheway .. Although the next second isn’t promised..[James 4:13-14].. here’s some breaking news.. YOU CAN DO IT LATER..

🤌🏾if it’s causing stress and turmoil..take a second to think about it.. and prioritize. #TakeADeepBreath.. and just meditate on The Most High.. tell HIM your concerns.. this walk isn’t supposed to drain u.. but Fill u up..🌱🚿 #iHopeSomeomeCaughtIt🏌

➡Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 There’s a Right Time for Everything⬅

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