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#MorningBrew☕💢 It is presumably hard sometimes when u hit a dead season..

.. and its kinda frustrating to be joyful in your waiting.. but something I asked myself is: What does a waiter do..they SERVE!! Whew.. So that's a great place to get back up and fall into serving others!! I was reading the other day...and found this powerful verse: Job 42:10 And the Lord TURNED the captivity of Job, WHEN 👉🏾he prayed FOR👈🏿 his friends: also the Lord gave Job TWICE as much as he had before

🤯.. now the story of Job is amazing to read when you feel like you lost everything.. and u keep crying out to AHBA to help u.. but once u realize it wasn't until when Job prayed for others (serving others) is when his prayers for others served him double 🙌🏾🗝... Listen YAH is the best tipper!! So keep serving... especially when it seems like its over❤ This isn't the end..its the beginning of a turning point..TRUST HIM!! (Don't know who that's for..but I pray you receive it)

🌳Gist: when u pray for others... YAH blesses you!! #nugget sooooo pray for someone else today! Try HIM.. #PROVOKINGTHOUGHTTOPROVOKECHANGE

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