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#MorningBrew☕️ If you’re not happy.. just know that..

#MorningBrew☕️ If you’re not happy.. just know that Looking up at the sky won’t usher in the desired change.. This is a season of action! Once you get that, you can UNderstand the options. Once you figure out that you can move… u can get UNstuck!

Once you realize that The Most High doesn’t want you to fail!! HE welcomes change.. if it’s gonna make u better.. UNtil u realize that.. you will stand in life as if it was quicksand ignoring all the ropes HE throws! Pride hinders change❤️

📣Jeremiah 29:11 is clear! HE wants you win.. so move as if losing is not an option. One “C” is missing and that’s Can!💗

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