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🤩😍One of my Favorite things in the world is: When YAH uses people that others have counted out. 🤌🏾 (1 Corinthians 2:1-5)

🙌🏾Like When YAH says,

-Come, let me holla at you, Moses. 🔥

-Have a little chat with me, Sarai. 👀

-Jesse, Nah, let me see the son that NO one views as a King, Where is David? ☺️

-Hannah, yeah, disregard being the butt of Peninnah’s Jokes. 😏 (this one)

-Mordecai, Hamman is setting himself up, bro, you just don’t know that yet. 😅

-I See You clearly, Hagar. 🤓

-Joshua/Caleb, I need a remnant that will speak what I have to say & not what the Majority is complaining about, in doubt. 🙌🏾

-Rahab go on & help my people, better yet-mess around & Become one, sis.😜

-Elijah, Come 👏🏾 out 👏🏾 this 👏🏾 Cave, bro. 💨

📍When YAH says, “Let me use your broken story, because it is THE perfect opportunity for me to show up & reiterate to the World,

I AM THE MOST HIGH YAH and You are not.”

🫶🏾Have a merciful day today..And may this encourage someone right now as they grow in their season💗

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