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#MorningBrew☕️🎯 Have you ever been afraid of just waiting in your trial?

-- I can’t lie, I know it gets testy for me.. it’s then that I get real quiet.. Then, HE begins to start HIS work when I choose to step out on faith and into the stillness. During this time I'm usually awakened suddenly from my sleep.. in this Stillness, I always feel like YAH wants me to read HIS word late at night (I read somewhere about appointed times🥲).. i note the time and I search for bible verse with those #'s..I promise it always applies. ALWAYS. I had an in depth conversation with AHBA in my Secret Place last night... and finally dosed off.. I woke up at 4:35a... i found the verse Mark 4:35-41...whew! Again.. the word STILL!!!

Listen, MOST time HE calms the raging storm, but sometimes He lets the storm rage and calms HIS child.. brings me back to "peace be still". .. as you look at them waves and rain are raging right now... you can’t see a break, let up..anything...nothing. The rain and waves seem like they are one.. However, Are u sure u see nothing?? Maybe u need to focus: HE is there-just hone in on HIS Son and word..lock in (Matthew 11:28-30)! Just activate all u have learned from those past faith testing lessons..and remember the outcomes ❤️ Just know— you may bend; but you wont break. (But EVEN if u feel broken, HE got a remedy for that as well Psalms 34:18)

🌊 Matthew 8:23-27, Mark 4:35-41, and Luke 8:22-25

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