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..Psalm 56:3-4 says What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee. In YAH I will praise HIS word, in YAH I have put my trust; I will not fear what flesh can do unto me

👉🏾No matter WHAT the source of fear in your life, give it to HIM. Continue learning to live by faith and begin to know – deep within your being – that HE is in control… that the outcome of any situation will be for your good and for HIS glory, no matter what that outcome is. No matter what happens, know that you have absolutely no reason to be afraid.

🙌🏾Yep! Let’s commit to no longer afraid...You may bend..but You won't break... So why be afraid?? See we need to master trusting in HIM so it’s like breathing that when we are afraid, we automatically trust In The Most High... We have to place EVERY ounce of our fear in HIS mighty hands and let go. We have to believe that HE knows what is going on, because He does (Psalm 121:4). We have to KNOW that YAH is in complete control, because HE is. We have to believe that HE loves us far beyond anything we can comprehend, because HE does and all HE wants is our trust in HIM= obedience. ❤️

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