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#MorningBrew☕️🙏🏾 Have a plan, want, need or vision that just won’t happen!! Pray until it happens.

Pray until you see it. Pray and don’t give up. Just because you don’t see it the first time does not mean that nothing happened. Pray again. Things change when we pray and the prayers of the righteous have great power (James 5:16). The end result of prayer is when we see it manifest in the natural, but it does not start there! Here’s a hint: When u pray for others.. YAH could grant your prayers!! (Job 42:10)

Listen, We don’t “create” the answer but we can PUSH it through!! (pray until something happens) However, if you are wicked and acting in unrighteousness then your prayers are hindered. So before praying, make sure your plan is righteous and u make it plain ✊🏾Habakkuk 2:2-3

The final part.. is making sure it is in HIS will! Some prayers u think are good for you are actually gonna do you harm.. so be ok with a No.. and ask HIM to reveal HIS will for you.. HE is the best plan revisionist ever!!!!

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