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#MorningBrew☕️🧹 Feeling drained?

#MorningBrew☕️🧹 Feeling drained? Check your circle… it may be a Time for a circle sweeping up’ER!!! It’s Simple! Choose to deal with NO bad emotions! NO bad vibes! No bad nothing..Get rid of allat! Most times we choose to allow ourselves to be drained by other things that don’t even concern you!#ProvokingThoughtToProvokeChange

🎯Stop letting people draw you into their inappropriate tantrums and complaining sessions..PROTECT your space..and draw them into your peace! Or, distance yourself to keep your energy up (look around, you need it)… you have to remember that The Most High always comes first. If you always in a low state.. what can HE do with that!!

✊🏾Philippians 4:4 - REJOICE in the Lord alway: [and] again I say, Rejoice! And apply Romans 12:18!!

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