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#MorningBrew☕ Be in peace with many: nevertheless have but ONE counselor of a thousand. Sirach 6:6

😶The truth is, once a person gets "full".. they don't know how-to keep yours AND probably others "stuff" in.. so it has to come "whomever" will listen. 🙅🏾‍♀️Most times, the "whomevers" may be someone who doesn’t like you or is also not able to "hold" it in now we a have big ole flood of issues flowing in these streets..AND somebody liable to drown!

#tightenUP everyone is trustworthy... but who is worth YOUR trust? #ponderThis

I understand that sometimes you can’t hold it in and it “feels” better to let it out .. but just discern the people you are venting around! Also stop ranting on social media! Truth is many people just want to see a show and doesn’t show concern but an interest in the 5 W’s❤️ Be sure to find someone who truly cares and will not only hear, but listen and respect your privacy EVEN on “mad day”🌸 Also your secret place is ALWAYS an option 🤌🏾



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