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#MorningBrew☕️🪧 A lot of times we expect The Most High to make our problems disappear

-- so that we can just be done with it… and move on… but where’s the lesson in that? Sometimes we need to sit in that mess that we created and figure out the how we got there, the whys.. The Who.. and get to the root so we don’t allow this to happen again.. The Most High is not a magician who waves a wand or a genie in the bottle— HE is all powerful and HIS ways aren’t our ways… there’s always a reason where HIS will is concerned and HE wants the best for us… so most times HE wants us to get the lesson and build up from there…HE could have just removed the sea.. but where’s the message in that? What work would be done on their part? It took faith of Moses and the people to cry out to AHBA to move.. u got to be serious when you ask HIM to come to your aid… cuz HE expects something in return— obedient, YAH fearing children-

Be cautious about being impatient in these unrealistic expectations of what “HIS power” looks like— truth is everything you need to get thru is already instilled within you— all you need to do is activate it♥️ Sometimes it’s a crying out, or a fast.. hope is also an action word! It could be it’s a self examination that needs to take place.. try it all until HE answers. 1 Corinthians 10:13 is proof that HE always has a reply.

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