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FAITH without works... is DOA!

🌱FAITH is.. 🛶building an Ark when everyone laughed at you (Gen 6:13-22)..🏹Bringing 300 men to fight 10000 (Judges 7)..🌊standing on the shores of the Red Sea knowing it will part to provide escape (Exodus 14:27) 🔗Slaying a giant with a rock (1 Samuel 17).. 🧳or even moving miles away to do the will of The Mos t High without a key...Now that’s mustard seed faith!


🤔 Do you remember what happened when the disciple Peter stepped off the boat... (Matt 14:22-33) #StayFocused The Bible is true and you CAN DO everything that it says sis.. Everything you need, is already instilled in you~it only takes activation! #SomebodyGonnaGetItOnThe3rdRead

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