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Have you ever been so consumed in The Most High’s goodness that you just GOT to say AHBA THANK YOU!!?? Today, I was thinking about some of the most absolutely ridiculous expensive decisions I've made in this life of mine— I thought about the moments I was deep in sin making some reckless decisions, and he kept my mess between me, him, and the other person involved. Can anyone relate?? If I am being transparent, many times even on this path of righteousness..I have been stuck on stupid a few times, and yet YAH kept me. HE didn't expose my flaws and mishaps for the world to see.. ironically, I expose myself in many of my posts!! Most of my post are real life issues that I dealt with and have overcome with my virtue in tact.

🎨Listen…There’s NOTHING hid from HIM (Psalm 121)!! HE knows what disappointment, rejection, abandonment, abuse, being used feels like and HE knows how stubborn mankind is because HE created all things (Colossians 1:16), knows all things (Psalm 139)! HE wants it alll! Bring HIM all those broken, jagged pieces and watch what HE does with em🖼💗

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