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#MorningBrew☕️👊🏾 truth is, if you don’t keep the Laws, Statues.. and Commandments.. ANYTHING can happen to you.. even death. #BeCareful

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Jan 28, 2021

Good Day To All Of You, I Truly Agreed On That, The Most High YAHUAH Knows Your Heart, My Testimonies Is I Applied For A Job, Told Them Can't Work On Saturdays, But Will Work Every Sundays, The Supervisor Told Me, She's Been With The Company Over 20yrs, All Employees Always Wants To Be Off On Sundays, Basically We Off Every Other Weekends. When I Started The Job All The Workers Starred At Me And Said, They Have Been With The Company Long Before Me! Why Do I Have Every Saturdays Off? I Said To Them It's My Shabbat Day, When You Keep YAHUAH Laws Most Definitely Good Things Comes Along The Way. Thank You Sis.

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