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✅Things to do today:

🛑Stop willfully sinning thinking the law is done away with..WE are still commanded to KEEP HIS LAW..just like you keep the laws of the government.

🚥Start realizing that there's something else coming after this so called life and your choices today determine where u will spend eternity!

🛡Takeaway: JUST because The Most High is so gracious to show compassion and doesnt require immediate payment for sin, which is death..[Romans 6:23] HE then decides to offer grace instead with a light tap sometimes..THAT👏🏾DOESN'T 👏🏾GIVE👏🏾YOU A LICENSE 👏🏾TO SIN SIS!! is so crazy to me that yall fear these laws of land over the LAW of your CREATOR. I don't see any of you just running red lights and stop sign all day.. contrary to what you may have heard or learning under the Christian church..who says that we are under a new covenant and there's no law, it died with JC.. well let's ponder on this..IF that's true, why do u even pray, repent?? What are u praying for when ur saying forgive me for my transgressions [which is sin btw].. IF according to your beliefs there's no law to transgress against 🙇🏾‍♀️ #MakeItMakeSense Scripture says in Matt 5 that the LAW is here until what? Go read it and see what says: 🤷🏾‍♀️Because one day.. u may not be so lucky..and u will die. #TheEnd

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