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#ModestLookOfTheDay 💎Check out my Sis @styledby_elegance on IG with this multi tiered skirt looking so beautiful the art work behind her trying it’s best to blend in with her!! #OhSheSoModest! 📌Tip: Don’t be afraid of mixing up patterns and colors!! I love these skirts, especially the belts.. you can use as a headwrap as well.. #ModestyIsBeauty🧕🏾 #CatchAModestBreeze🌬👗

That skirt can be purchased at Zakeeyah Khadijah Benoit site below (if she isn’t sold out.. but check out her page she has beautiful pieces!!)

#ModestyLookOfTheDay #FallIntoModesty follow @yoursissyscloset @chaasaryahscloset @modestvybezboutique for daily modest looks ideas and for sale on IG! #MakeModestyATrend #ModestyMatters #ModestLookOfTheDayHebrewStyle

...Modestizing one sister at a time 👒👗👛 1 TIMOTHY 2:9 it all starts inwardly... then the outward automatically follows suit💎

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