💎Check out my sis @modestvybezboutique on IG showing you a few different looks! Who says covering up is boring or unfashionable!! My sis just proved that myth wrong!! 📌Tip: Shawls are the best when trying to cover up or accessorize your modest look!! Be sure to check other her store for modest and chic attire:

#ModestyIsBeauty🧕🏾 sis also sells this complete look visit her link in her bio!! #SheSoModest💐

#ModestyLookOfTheDay #FallIntoModesty follow Chaasaryah's Closet LLC and @yoursissyscloset @chaasaryahscloset for daily modest looks on IG! #MakeModestyATrend #ModestyMatters #ModestLookOfTheDayHebrewStyle

...Modestizing one sister at a time 👒👗👛 1 TIMOTHY 2:9 it all starts inwardly... then the outward automatically follows suit💎

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