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It’s been a Lonnng Week!

Soo, I have committed to doing at least 2 blog post a week because my schedule is so busy with the 4th SHE sister Brunch coming up! Lately I have been working on boundaries! So do y'all find it hard to keep them!?😫😂 I do became truly I want to help everyone and just love on everyone.. BUT what happens when it's not reciprocated? Do you feel like wow, I helped you or I was there for you so why aren't you there for me!??

I sometimes feel like that and then I am immediately convicted .. I try to imagine what was Christ feeling like? I mean we all know He was destined to be crucified from birth-- but sheesh that had to have been hard I mean think about it.. in Luke 22:42 He asks YAH to take the cup from Him, IF HIS will allows... I can imagine He was showing love and mercy and grace daily -- only people to call Him a liar, betray Him, abandon Him, and eventually Kill Him... yet all still while on His journey, He knew that He just had to take it and keep on the path that was ordered for Him-- and when it was time He still said Father, forgive them! They know know what they do!

Sisters, that cut me like a nice! A few days ago I was talking about giving yourself grace-- we also have to extend grace to others- Just maybe YAH is trying to teach you something. For me it was, yes set boundaries but set them without expectations. 🌈🔥

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