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In Atlanta area? Come support an amazing cause!! Domestic violence awareness. 🚫suffering🚫

🤫Don’t suffer in silence!

Outlined below are typical feelings and behaviors exhibited by family members in the various phases of the cycle of violence. While many view domestic violence as physical abuse, abuse comes in many forms: Emotional, financial, sexual, mental, verbal, spiritual, etc.. these are NOT ok! The Most High did not call anyone to be treated in an abusive manner. It is not a female or male thing.. More than 40% of domestic violence victims are male. Let that sink in..

Phase One: Tension Building

Woman feels: Angry, unfairly treated, hopeless, tense, afraid, embarrassed, humiliated, disgusted, depressed

Behavior: Nurturing, submissive, “walking on eggshells,” afraid to express feelings, may use alcohol and/or drugs to avoid situation

Partner feels: Tense, frustrated, disgusted, self-righteous, or jealous

Behavior: Verbally abusive, fits of anger, silent, controlling, arrogant, possessive, demanding, irritable, may use alcohol or drugs

Phase Two: Violent Episode

Woman feels: Frightened, trapped, helpless or numb

Behavior: May try to protect self, hit back, submit helplessly, get away or seek help

Partner feels: Angry, enraged, “right,” jealous and/or frustrated

Behavior: Dangerously violent, has a deliberate desire to hurt or kill, out of control, irrational, “Dr. Jekyl/Mr. Hyde”

Phase Three: Remorseful or Honeymoon

Woman feels: Relieved, angry over the incident, resentful, guilty, hopeful, in denial over the seriousness of the incident

Behavior: Offers excuses for the batterer, may be withdrawn, tries to solve or prevent future incidents, hopes/believes changes will last

Partner feels: Apologetic, remorseful, forgetful about degree of violence, self-righteous, unable to understand why the woman is still angry.

Behavior: Makes promises to change, blames her or others for the problem, may use alcohol or drugs as an excuse

If you know anyone dealing with this, there are agencies that can help: @she_atl is working on resources Take Action: Donate today: here’s another:

For more details @theprincessofpoetry.official

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