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I’is married nah!!!🤷🏾‍♀️

...#dontdeletemesis BUT it’s ok to wait for a RIGHTEOUS brother who you are on one accord with (Amos 3:3).. and while it will be hard as You see all these beautiful #HebrewLove posts, remember these ppl aren’t sharing the struggles, the pain, the times they almost walked away.. #BeMindful of that! Stop just wanting a brother as a husband for the titles, and focus on having a husband who is a lawful brother who not only understands his roles/responsibilities but wants to do them and vice versa!

🔖The best thing to do is to learn how to be a virtuous daughter of Zion .. fall in love with HIM and HIS words (I mean 🤷🏾‍♀️ how else will you KNOW what righteousness is in order to Prove a man!?) by doing this, it will mold you into a woman of virtue for to be a submissive wife of a RIGHTEOUS man who will love you scripturally and because u study those scriptures... you understand that correction is Love and sometimes it won’t be easy... BUT just like the scriptures, it will be worth the lesson and easy to keep the commitment to ENDURE! So let’s stop jumping in and out of these unions, whether u like it or not day you will have to answer for those broken vows.

#Takeaway🛡Just as every male is not a man, and all men aren’t righteous husbands.. all females aren’t women, and all women aren’t virtuous wives .. we have to stop being lead by lust, emotions when we are making these decisions BECAUSE once u seal the deal, IF we are going by the WORD and not the world u in there sis...

💕Mark 10:8-12

⚠️Disclaimer: If you are like the woman at the well with 5 husbands (John 4:18-21)and don’t care about keeping a covenant with The Most High.. and who have no problem leaving your husband.. OR if you don’t believe in biblical marriages OR just rebellious then feel free to vent, rebuttal, rant on your own social media platforms and NOT in my comment section 💕 We can jus agree to agree because it’s scripture over lipture!

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