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💁🏾‍♀️How was yalls Shabbat? #MorningBrew☕🙌🏾 [It's Morning somewhere nah sis😅]

#TruthIs Change requires CHANGE!! Meaning a different mindset, a different application.. It's like this, being Set Apart means that you may have to say no to some things that may trigger old habits.. Read Proverbs 26:11, also this is partially quoted in the New Testament, 2 Peter 2:22... .. Does those scriptures make sense?? IF u are desiring to be new..or different..then returning to your folly will Most likely make you worse...🤷🏾‍♀️

🗝The key is that if we want something new we must be prepared to do something new. This is challenging. However, it’s also essential, because nothing improves until we improve. And by improving, I am speaking in a RIGHTEOUS way.. IF you want to be good wife, you have to stop doing bad wife things. Want to be a good mother, then stop doing bad mother things..and so forth and on.. Change requires obedience...and #ThatIsTheDifference #DontDeleteMeTho #ShabbatNSmiles

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