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Free BackPack give away

#SHE has heard the call and here it is: #SHEgotyallback... Backpacks that is!! Filled with all the necessary stuff for sending our little brew bears back to Virtual or physical school!

💁🏾‍♀️How much is sis?

🧕🏾Glad ya asked: $Free.99!! However, you do have to #READ and follow directions below!! #share to someone in need!! We do ask that if you have backpacks... please allow sisters who are desperately in need to have a chance!! #Repost 🆘

Directions: #SistersOnly

👉🏾To enter go to To Enter your name, contact number and child's age.

👉🏾After you finish comment done underneath this post.

🤲🏾We will be choosing 5 children to give a bookbag FULL of supplies to!!!!!!

🎟The raffle will run until the end of the week. Names will be called Sunday!

Don’t forget to 👍🏿 the Like page:

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