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#Flats2TheGroundMission👟Support for The N.O

🚨WE NEED YOUR HELP🚨#Share #Repost

🌸Shalom my family!! The SHE and SHEThrifts team is preparing to head out to New Orleans (once it’s deemed safe) and drop some items off like water, food, clothing, necessities and financial help if we can!! Many may not know, I’m am from New Orleans and have gone through Hurricane Katrina, I understand what it feels like to lose everything.. waiting on hep from the government can sometimes take months! Imagine not being eligible for help because you don’t have an address… And going through it with no family, no help.. 1 JOHN 3:17 is clear! If you can help our #Flats2TheGroundMission👟Support for The N.O. We appreciate it!! We will be communicating when we are dropping the goods off!

How can I help?

🙏🏾 Prayers of the RIGHTEOUS.

💓To donate items: Mail to:

PO BOX 923112

Norcross, GA 30010

💓Monetary Donations:

Cashapp: $sistershelp

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