Final Act: Judith PPE- Scriptual Slaying!!

🙌🏾 Finally we have made it to end of Judith! I want to end with these scriptures: Judith 12:14-20 Then said Judith unto him, Who am I now, that I should gainsay my lord? surely whatsoever pleaseth him I will do speedily, and it shall be my joy unto the day of my death. So she arose, and decked herself with her apparel and all her woman's attire, and her maid went and laid soft skins on the ground for her over against Holofernes, which she had received of Bagoas far her daily use, that she might sit and eat upon them. Now when Judith came in and sat down, Holofernes his heart was ravished with her, and his mind was moved, and he desired greatly her company; for he waited a time to deceive her, from the day that he had seen her. Then said Holofernes unto her, Drink now, and be merry with us. So Judith said, I will drink now, my lord, because my life is magnified in me this day more than all the days since I was born. Then she took and ate and drank before him what her maid had prepared. And Holofernes took great delight in her, and drank more wine than he had drunk at any time in one day since he was born.

Judith 13-16 is a must read! One part I do want to touch on:

Judith 13:2 And Judith was left along in the tent, and Holofernes lying along upon his bed: for he was filled with wine. Now Judith had commanded her maid to stand without her bedchamber, and to wait for her. coming forth, as she did daily: for she said she would go forth to her prayers, and she spake to Bagoas according to the same purpose. So all went forth and none was left in the bedchamber, neither little nor great. Then Judith, standing by his bed, said in her heart, O Lord God of all power, look at this present upon the works of mine hands for the exaltation of Jerusalem.For now is the time to help thine inheritance, and to execute thine enterprizes to the destruction of the enemies which are risen against us. Then she came to the pillar of the bed, which was at Holofernes' head, and took down his fauchion from thence, And approached to his bed, and took hold of the hair of his head, and said, Strengthen me, O Lord God of Israel, this day.And she smote twice upon his neck with all her might, and she took away his head from him. And tumbled his body down from the bed, and pulled down the canopy from the pillars; and anon after she went forth, and gave Holofernes his head to her maid;And she put it in her bag of meat: so they twain went together according to their custom unto prayer: and when they passed the camp, they compassed the valley, and went up the mountain of Bethulia, and came to the gates thereof.

Then: verse 15-17 So she took the head out of the bag, and shewed it, and said unto them, behold the head of Holofernes, the chief captain of the army of Assur, and behold the canopy, wherein he did lie in his drunkenness; and the Lord hath smitten him by the hand of a woman. As the Lord liveth, who hath kept me in my way that I went, my countenance hath deceived him to his destruction, and yet hath he no6t committed sin with me, to DEFILE and SHAME me. Then all the people were wonderfully astonished, and bowed themselves and worshipped God, and said with one accord, Blessed be thou, O our God, which hast this day brought to nought the enemies of thy people.

🎯So for my non reading sisters🤦🏾‍♀️😅...

She snuck in and told the soldiers she had secret info that would help Holofernes capture the Isarelites without losing a single soldier. Made her way to Holofernes who was so smitten by her beauty, he tried to seduce her in his tent.. WITHOUT losing her virtue, she played the game, chopped off his head, took it back to her people where it was hung out in the battlefield..the enemy fled!  #THEEND

Takeaway: The Most High will use whomever HE chooses to do do HIS will.. HOWEVER in order to be used, there has to be some order about yourself. Now, though Judith was a widow.. SHE still kept her virtue as we see in verse 16-17.. AND she let it be known..because it was important that TRUE glory be given to the HIGHEST! Had it not been for her answered prayers to make her a liar, to give her the strength.. there would be no story to tell.. So I ask this of you, what will your chapter read like? Will you be able to carry out a task and remain blameless while still holding your virtue in order? If you answer Yes.. what's the difference now? Meaning.. why wont you apply those same traits to everyday life?

Plan [praying for the brewprint]

Prepare [applying faith to your works]

Execute [Action]

You will then be able to "scripturally slay" that's BOSS!!!

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