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Eve: Life after Eden.

Shabbat Shalom! I pray that you all are getting some good rest and edification on tHIS set apart day! We left off at the end of Genesis 3 where Eve nem were kicked out of Eden.. Rightfully so. BUT they didn't give up.. Eve did not throw in the towel and said tuh, let me go frolicking around with my new friend the serpent and see what else it can show me.. She sticks with her husband thru this new journey with Hopes of righting a wrong. Somehow she found Repentance and was restored. I honestly believe if she wasn't, she couldn't been apart of such an amazing lineage..

Now scripture doesn't mention what happens next.. BUT what we do know is they left Eden clothed, equipped with the Law and protection of The Most High. I am sure they were navigated to where they settled in at.. That's all they needed. However, based on the rest of the bible great men came from her and Adam.. One man is the Messiah. And for us that believe..we understand the importance of our brother's mission.. While studying EVE.. some of the things I related to was her disobedience, resilience, trust in her husband's ability to lead them afterwards. Her love for her husband. Her respect for him. Her lowly state and her will to keep going. Eve's actions changed not only her life, but others were affected JUST because she listened to the enemy. How many of you CONTINUE to follow in her footsteps? How many of you will keep ignoring The Most High's Commandments and your husband's instructions just because you grown and nobody especially him gonna tell u what u to do when u make your own your money..etc.. c'mon sis.. I get it! BUT remember, at some point and I assume quickly EVE learned from her actions. She was blessed and gave birth to a she had to have found favor in the eyes of her Creator.. Why else would HE have chose her to embark on this amazing journey.. In that same breath I wonder what mission HE has assigned to you..BUT can't activate the tasks ..Why? cuz u are disobedient? was Eve..and yet she fulfilled her purpose..So, now the time comes for you to discover..What is holding you back? 📽Meet me here on Sunday..When we discuss a new #WomanOfTheScripture

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