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😔This one may sting a bit sis... BUT, Truth is toooo many of us just jump heart first (Jeremiah 17:9) without proving and having serious open conversations about what to expect and what is expected on both ends when courting. We come in to this truth and before we take 2 steps: we want a husband! It’s like this.. What standard are you holding that brother against sis? Ask yourself that question. We gotta stop falling for the self made statuses of these men.. the beards.. the fringes and scripture they speak🗣 when truth be told most are following their own interpretations🤷🏾‍♀️.. think I read something somewhere about that... Maybe 2 Peter 1:20 somewhere.. idk check it out! How would you know what standard to hold them to if u never read or studied the Bible?? Seriously sis! ...ask questions!! don’t be afraid to see what you are getting into... cuz marriage is a lifelong commitment and covenant with another person and The Most High! HE hates divorce!

📌These crucial decisions should be one that you are willing to live with... forever... google what forever means! Too many of yous jumping from man to man.. not a good look sis and KNOW I come in love but I will say it again:

1. Prove Righteously

2. Ask questions (there is NO law against asking questions sis)

2. Don’t Settle (it’s ok to say no to a proposal sis IF it’s not compatible.. NO law against this either.. but if u read the Bible this would be known!)

3. Prove some more (if u have a righteous male in ur life get some counsel 1st.. usually men can discern things we can’t in another man)

4. Did I say don’t settle?

#dontdeletemesis #LetsBuild

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