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#DontDeleteMeSis Reminder Are you a loving wife at ALL times or just when it's easy??🤔🤷🏾‍♀️

....but is there truly any other way??? Seriously.. there isn't!! 💡Things to do:

🚫Stop nagging [Proverbs 21:9,19]

✔Start nurturing [Sirach 26:1-3]

🚫Stop bringing issues from other people's houses to your house [Proverbs 26:17]

✔Start tending to ur own house [1 Thess 4:11]

🚫Stop pointing out flaws [Matt 7:1-5]

✔Start praying about [1 Pet 4:8, Philippians 4:6]

🚫 Stop tearing down [Proverbs 14:1]

✔Start building up [Sirach 36:24]

🚫Stop acting like wordly women [Deu 23:17, 1 John 2:15-17, James 4:4, Gal 5:15-21]

✔Start being a biblical wife [like u had told him u was] [Gal 5:22-26, Prov 12:4, 16:24]

🤷🏾‍♀️ this making sense?'s quite simple👉🏾 #BeTheChangeYouDesireToSee [1 Pet 3:1]👈🏾  #ProvokingThoughtToProvokeChange📓 📕 Sirach 26:1-4 BLESSED is the man that hath a VIRTUOUS wife, for the number of his days shall be double. A VIRTUOUS woman rejoiceth her husband, and he SHALL 👉🏾fulfil the years of his life IN PEACE. A GOOD wife is a GOOD portion, which shall be given in the portion of them that fear the Lord. Whether a man be rich or poor, if he have a good heart toward the Lord, he shall at all times REJOICE with a CHEERFUL countenance

☝🏾Remember sisters, doing these things for a RIGHTEOUS husband is truly easy.. Especially when he is applying the scriptures to NOT only himself, but when it comes to loving, treating, handling, caring, respecting you and your vows.. [1 Cor 7:3]♥️

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