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Do you rap/sing Righteous music?

#InTraffic613🚦 The commentary is full of big love!! #BigBrewFacts I definitely love the constructive criticism and hearing new Truth artists on the broadcast!! This one had some great content!! Like/Follow Intraffic613

👇🏾Link below 🚸Jump in a righteous lane!!! #ServingNSwerving be sure to subscribe, follow, and share!!

🎤Want to get your music feature on #InTraffic🚦👇🏾

‼️ALL content MUST be Rated F for FAMILY

No foul language No explicit content

🎧Services available :

* Music / Videos played during (Pre recorded) broadcast

* Online Interviews / Life discussions

* Content reactions / feedback

* Digital magazine promotions / Social media promotions

* Mix tape / album packages

* Popular Brew blog appearances

‼️B.R.E.W Music ONLY

✉️Submit content:

🎁IF APPROVED $50 donation required

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