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Did you know there is more than just the BLOG??

Check out the S.H.E. Brews page-

The Calendar is updated as needed, and of course I will post a "go check it out sis" update on the BLOG. Everyday, I am updating and adding stuff to this sight! Soon, I will start giving updates and progress on the S.H.E. ministry as well. BUT, on the page below, if you click the image, it will take you to that Brew's business site to support. #WeAllWeGotSis Also.. to those that donate, thank you so much... we getting started on the work! Your donations will help as many as I can.

Let's Build- Chat with Channah directly! (nah yall know when the hubby home, its lites out lol)

Natural Products- Herbals, Plant Based, Soaps, etc..

Righteous Content- Hebrew magazines, books, websites, all to know about The Most High

Righteous Garments- Fringed up & Fringed out! Conversation starters.. Garments for US!

New Truth Music Alerts- Righteous Music for US for Praising The Most High!

Donate-Helping our sisters

Get Added- If you have a righteous product or event coming up, we support #REALBREWS

Tomorrow, I will break down the other links to the site! I can't wait to build with yall, please comment, share.. I will reply! :)

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