😳Depression: Fear & Anxiety.. another form of depression.

😳Depression: Fear & Anxiety.. another form of depression.

‼️Fear is something that scripture speaks against. Because we should be confident in knowing the POWER we serve is protecting us.. The issue is we have been conditioned to expect others to comfort our fears... and this is also the case when The Most High sends you someone who will not only ease those fears... but not contribute to them.. we have to be very careful who we allow in our circle..

😩 Then there is a little thing called anxiety creeps upon you out of nowhere and BAM the nervousness turns into Fear.. and WE know we should only fear The Most High! Here are some scriptures to help combat those pesky spirits! You are not alone sis, so don’t let Satan scare u into isolation! If you need to talk.. hit up our inbox.. it’s why SHE was designed. Sisters Helping Each-other- To be here for our sisters and to make them aware they are NOt alone! The only entity or vessel (person) that wants u to feel that way is of Satan.

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