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Day of thinking.. Mind Playing Tricks on You 12/17

These last few days have been a blur! I'm sorry I haven't checked in and I pray y'all been ok💕🥰! Soo I was chatting with one of my high school friends who was telling me she was upset with her fiancé and didn't know if she wanted to go through with the marriage. Now back story they have been dating on and off since high school!! This is something they both want so badly..

I asked "well, ok but what happened ".. she starts the sentence off with "umm, I think he doing this n that-- because I "felt" because he said that he.. 😳 this was my look y'all! I said wait this hasn't happened, but your think it did? She proudly said yes because I am prophetically inclined and Gawwd be telling me xyz.. those who know me 😂 knew where I was headed ! I proceeded to ask, hmm, so basically you don't know for sure but you think and now you're confused because you don't know but he could have did xyz.. this lady proudly answered yes. I get it beloveds, cuz I have been there creating narratives in my head and allowing that to consume me. I told her before she goes approaching him, try this⬇️⬇️ if you don't get all yes-- it's best to not engage, I mean IF you love him like I know u do!! There's nothing better than a well instructed mind (Sirach 24:16)

Listen, satan has been a liar and deceiver since the beginning and he know how weak women are when it comes to their emotions so guess where he hits u at?? Your idle thoughts. See, The Most High is NOT the author of confusion so anywhere there is confusion it's not of HIM! For me, this is the first question I present to myself when I get thoughts that trigger my emotions.. is this of YAH?? Or Satan OR even me.. truth be told sometimes we create our own delusions!

Motto: our mind can be a beautiful asset or a self sabotaging abyss. Choose wisely. Oh, the wedding is still on-- come to find out her fiancé was planning their honeymoon to Italy and that's why he had been so busy. Go figure 🥹❤️🙏🏾

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