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Day of Realization! Be grateful for those who love you ❤️ 12/9

One thing I don't miss about social media is all the subliminal posts 🙄.. "I don't care who don't love me, I love me" OR my favorite: "2024 will be the season of cutoffs" Listrn I'm guilty of making a post like that and I had to be reminded that why does it matter if someone doesn't like me?? Or stop talking to me? 🤷🏾‍♀️... I mean the Bible says that a friend will lay down their life for you (John 15:13).. and a scripture I misunderstood for years:

Proverbs 17:17 A friend loveth at all times, and a brother is born for adversity

Why is a "brother born for adversity?" Is what I want you all to ponder on! I am so grateful for the sisters that YAH has blessed me with and my brothers truly are AHmazing! I'm proud to call them Ahdawan, although some don't even think they are worthy of that title shows their humility. I done went on a tangent!! But the point I'm trying to say is when you start to value yourself you will never let ANYONE devalue you again-- if they don't like you... so what, there is many who do not only like u, but love u.. people like me❤️

My sister reminded me of this when she sent me this beautiful arrangement!! 👀And tell me why I took a big bite out the green fruit thinking it was an apple 😂😂 my palate was like ok just swallow it 🥹 but honestly it was ok,, that texture is what got me ❤️❤️ So in closing, Love on those who love you and especially those who don't-and that don't mean you have to be in their space just love them from a distance How? Praying, fasting, thinking good thoughts for them- remember Love covers a multitude of sin!!

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