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Day of– Smiling thru it all🥹 12/7🥰

That's what they say, but truly it's called suffering in silence! I did that for some years and many didn't know I was REALLY going thru it-- I had family who would say "you are doing so well for yourself " and here I was depressed, being mistreated and abuse!! I mean can you imagine someone who says they love you with their fists or plywood? Listen, my sisters .. no form of abuse is worth your silence! I am here to tell you I prayed so much for YAH to remove him .. and let him find someone else-- AND HE did just that, and a few months later I TRULY Found who at that time I knew as GOD! The GOD of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob!! It was so amazing to learn I was chosen!! I never questioned GOD for the reasons.. I just used to ask Why me?! What had I done soo awful to be beaten daily!

And then I began to study Job.. and it hit me wow-- I can relate! See what satan meant to destroy me, YAH said, go ahead, but it won't unalive her!! The moral is you may bend, but you won't break!! But let's say the pressure is just tooo much for you.. and u do break! Stop running yo social media or unproven folks who just like to sip your hot unsweetened tea-- you are in the perfect position to commune with The Man High:

Psalms 34:18 The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit

Take HIM up on HIS offer to be reconciled with HIM to be restored -- it's one of the most beautiful experiences but unfortunately it's not free.. it requires complete submission to The Most High GOD, obedience, love and forgiveness.. HE loves... even through the storms!! How do you think Sunflowers grow❤️

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