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Checking in on sisters!!

During these times, I know some of you may feel isolated.. BUT u are not alone!!! Most are jus a call, text, Skype, zoom.. away♥️💞 while the system has tried to break us, they wont ever crush our spirits... #WeGotNext

I truly miss being able to engage more with yall like we did on social media- BUT if u comment.. or send me a message.. ya know ima reply! While the covic stuff halted some of our plans, We see this as a time to regain focus and prepare for the aftermath... sisters will surely need our help more than ever.. some may need financial help, while others are shaken in their faith.. I pray The Most High equips us to be well prepared to handle them all with love, gladness, and humility..

🙌🏾 If you would like to donate .. please visit any page of there is a donation option.. to those who have donated.. words cannot explain the GRATITUDE I feel..may Ahba bless your houses 10 times over... 💞

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