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Building takes all four hands!!

Here’s the gist... I see This so often “I don’t have any sisters .. It usually for three reasons this to be fact:

  1. someone has told them something about you that turned them away

  2. theres nobody in your area

  3. someone is not stacking their bricks

Sistershood is a beautiful thing WHEN it’s genuine. BUT one thing I have stopped doing is placing all the bricks down.. #somebodywillgetthisonthe3rdread

soooo if you and I aren’t building that’s because you not reciprocating... 🤷🏾‍♀️

So let’s offer a resolution to the above points:

  1. if this is the case.. then I would question if I truly want to be a sister with that person anyway. Scripture says test all things NOT believe all things

  2. Grow some!!! I am sure there are women in ur area... maybe they just need. Seed planted!

  3. ... again all parties need to have a desire for the same relationship! I can meet any sister where they are and build off the shoes they are wearing!! BUT if that sister don’t want to🤷🏾‍♀️... then maybe the seed was planted for her to build with another sister ❤️

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