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Broken? Confused? Feeling Betrayed? Ready to give up? I have one word for you:


You are so loved even when you feel like you don't deserve love.. well let me give you some of the best advice I can sis.. instead of looking for a person to patch you up.. how about you give all those broken pieces, even the jagged ones and let The Most High perfect you.. SOMETIMES, HE wants you broken so HE can repair... #CountItAllJoy.. how amazing to have a POWER like that.. even in the midst of defeat..The scripture says you win in the end..BUT u gotta trust HIM! [Jeremiah 29:11]

🛡 Takeaway: Being broken in my experience has been a blessing. Cuz, for so long I searched for what I needed in Situationships...u know those ones that puts a bandaid on the true issue instead of nursing it, caring for it, providing the proper care to HEAL.. see, temporary fixes are just that.. for the time being it seems like all is well.. Then BAM.. the brokenness is times 2, then 3, then 4... is this clicking? Then it gets to a point where you are just tied of being sick in tired.. before it gets there sis.. just give that brokenness to The Most High... and see what happens.. what do u have lose?? Except brokenness that is healed 🥰

👉🏾Now this isnt to say you wont never be hurt afterwards..but the difference is NOW you know how to deal with it! #SomebodyGonnaGetItOnThe3rdRead

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