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Boundaries!! When is a No a No!!

Shalom y'all! Ok so many of you know that I've been working on this setting boundaries thing😫... if you know Channah.. you know that I just can't say no! EVEN, when my brain is saying "we don't have time- Say no! La'ah! Nada! Negative 😂... then out of mouth flows the issues of my heart ❤️...( Proverbs 4:23)

So I started thinking ok what if I find other ways to say "no"?! I searched and found this list--immediately I said ok ok I need to start guarding my heart more! Training it to be more disciplined!! Because it's important not to over extend yourself!! Especially when that other person doesn't reciprocate! I have been telling some people no, and some do get upset because they are used to me saying yes, or sure I can fit it in!!

2 Cor 10:12-16 Paul answered that he refused to even participate in the competition going on in 2 Corinthians 10:13! Which involves people comparing themselves to each other, to figure out who is best. Paul does not need to play that game, and neither do we need to! See, Paul already was on the path out before him by Christ, there is no need to be "Sister Of The Year" by being the one who never says no-- ole faithful-- by doing this you may miss a step in your path! I am speaking from experience!! Hence why I can come telling you this!! Follow The Most High's purpose for your life-- making sure to do as HE says and tasks that he sends!!

🎀How do I know the difference? If it's causing you to over extend, it's NOT expedient to do . ♥️

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