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🌈As we continue our month dealing with Depression: I wanted to share this about Brokenness ..

🌈As we continue our month dealing with Depression: I wanted to share this about Brokenness .. Feeling unworthy.. This is also a form of depression and can really lead to a slippery slope IF you don’t get a handle on it!

💔One of the hardest things I have found hard to conquer is brokenness. I actually found it easier to deal with in the world versus now as strive to walk this path of righteousness. I remembered my mom telling me, “your heart is so precious ..that I am afraid that when someone breaks it you will struggle to recover”. And I looked at her like 😳 someone gonna reach into my chest and break my heart!? BUT she was preparing me for the inevitable. However what she told after my first heartbreak was priceless! She said nothing I can say can east the pain... BUT read Psalms 34:18! (I miss her honesty as I walk this walk of Truth)

...Didn’t click then! But it does now. And though one would think so called “like minded” people would have a precious heart like yours... 👉🏾no, most don’t👈🏽 ( and I’m soo sorry they don’t ..)! So does that mean you harden your heart? won’t work! I once prayed for it! And The Most High actually made my heart more open and filled with an extraordinary amount of preciousness ... even while I kept getting these heartbreaks... (Romans 8:28)! I figured FATHER, I need a way to cope! Like Soo many of us look for an easy way out... some take their own life (but I’m here to tell you.. THAT IS NEVER the answer) .. Some become the “breaker aka offender” as a way to protect their heart and spirit... AND mind! That can also be a form brokenness now that I think about it! Neither here nor there...Hence here I am today.. to give you hope that this too shall pass, in case someone else is dealing or struggling with brokenness:

‼️My first regret was listening to people say get over it!! Stop being sad.. Stop crying! Especially when.. 💁🏾‍♀️ahem THAT’S ALL YOU WANT TO DO!! The Bible speaks on brokenness so don’t let ANYONE tell you “to get over it”.. the key is to heal the brokenness with prayer and scriptures to guide you to wholeness. 👉🏾Matthew 5:3-4, Psalms 34:18 plus Psalms 51:17 tells me that:

1. He draws near to brokenness because you sacrificed the best part of you.. and someone took advantage of that.. O The Most High wilt not despise.. so if The Most High isn’t telling you to get over.. man shouldn’t either! it is quite the opposite according to Psalms 147:3!

2. That When someone is broken.. it is a time to activate James 5:16.. because satan is the king of isolation...and if you are broken, that’s the worse place to be is alone.. ALTHOUGH it may seem like a “good” thing at the time.. I can tell you from experience.. you want someone who you trust with you. Someone who will pray/fast for, also with you and not judge.. but help and not jus with words.. but action! James 2:14:26 is a perfect example.

3. Everyone deals with their issues differently. And some “cracks” to the spirit are different than others...remember Isaiah 41:10!

👏🏾So, the #TakeaWay When you feel like you are drowning in sadness or depression... remember Isaiah 43:2 HE will draw near.. but the question is will you let HIM! Will you allow HIM to operate Psalm 147:3 ? I mean, HE is the doctor of all doctors Ezekiel 36:26 is the procedure that will take place...HE can restore you.

‼️Psalm 46:1 is so profound! Only HE can mend that brokenness and while I can’t promise your heart and/or spirit won’t be broken again... I can promise you that:

Matt 11:28-30

2 Cor 12:9

Nehemiah 8:10

Romans 8:28

Zephaniah 3:17

Proverbs 3:5-6

John 14:27 (is attainable! I remember having a peace that surpassed my thought process.. and it was from Yah (Romans 15:13, so I kept Philippians 4:4)

Psalm 51:8

1 Peter 5:7

Psalm 73:26

Psalm 30:5

💎And remember Who conquered it all before you: John 16:33! So we should 1 Thessalonians 5:16... and KNOW Psalm 118:24 should remind us to rejoice cuz HE made this day for you and me.. Someone didn’t get the chance to rejoice... ❤️

🌈As always you are never alone! The Most High never forsakes you!! Also You don’t have to go thru this alone while u think you have nobody to just listen and help. SHEishere! or send an email to or send me a message Channah Adah❤️

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