Are you RIGHTEOUSLY attractive?

🤔 Pretty face, banging shape... BUT what else sis?? Yesterday we talked about building a foundation on good things provides a more stable relationship..If that's all you have to offer..🤷🏾‍♀️.. Then don't grunt when that's what you be admired by your features [which with age, it changes]..

I sometimes wonder why we dont grasps this concept.. ? There has to be more sis when you have a RIGHTEOUS husband! Are you praying for him when he needs it? Are you submissive? Are you operating in love [not jus when it's easy] BUT all the time? Are you a living a RIGHTEOUS life? These are some of things we need to think about.. IF u need help with understanding..Just model after our RIGHTEOUS foremorthers..shoo Honestly I even learn what NOT to do from the wicked ones.. Maybe next month we can go through some.. 💝

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