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ALL ESTEEM TO THE MOST HIGH...Our sister Brunch was a huge success!!

#SHEsInATL #WillBuildForSisters was amazing! The entire SHE team wants to send our thanks love and gratitude for choosing to build instead of tear down.. AND y’all #DidntDeleteMeSis😂🙌🏾...There was not a face there without a smile.. and that’s what really made us realize The Most High is definitely pleased! Daughters of Zion from all over coming together with one common goal... Build oh and eat good!!! We hope that each of you took something from our building exercises and replant them in your own areas to grow a sisterhood... it’s not hard.. As I have come to realize.. all you need to implement is the desire to Please The Most High and HE will do the rest.. IF anyone knows me know Channah is NOT planner/organizer 🤷🏾‍♀️.. but HE surrounded me sisters who each is an intricate piece of this puzzle.. I like to call it the MASTERspiece.. and if you don’t have sisters like these👆🏾... you doing something wrong!

🙌🏾Please don’t miss the next one sis!!

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