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👑Judith 8:11-31 begins to tell how Judith enters the scene:

As the plot thickens, we see just how Judith was influential.. she reached out to the elders, including Uzziah, to try and offer advice [We know that..some sisters have great talents, solutions..but JUST because she is a woman, she won't be heard..Nothing new under the sun: Just like now, Uzziah brushed off her advice, telling her that the best thing she could do was leave decision-making to the men and they will wait on The Most Hugh] ..but again FAITH is a great asset, BUT without works it is inefficient and ineffective. Judith begins to tell them: in verse 11-27 And they came unto her, and she said unto them, Hear me now, O ye governors of the inhabitants of Bethulia: for your words that ye have spoken before the people this day are not right, touching this oath which ye made and pronounced between God and you, and have promised to deliver the city to our enemies, unless within these days the Lord turn to help you. And now who are ye that have tempted God this day, and stand instead of God among the children of men? And now try the Lord Almighty, but ye shall never know any thing. For ye cannot find the depth of the heart of man, neither can ye perceive the things that he thinketh: then how can ye search out God, that hath made all these things, and know his mind, or comprehend his purpose? Nay, my brethren, provoke not the Lord our God to anger. For if he will not help us within these five days, he hath power to defend us when he will, even every day, or to destroy us before our enemies. [It is super long..but I implore you to read it] to sum up the rest: Sis Judith basically goes into the spill about IF HE DID IT FOR OUR FOREFATHERS, HE will do it for you.. But yall just cant just stand around an do NOTHING. The Ozrais semi agreed it continues to read: 32-36 Then said Judith unto them, Hear me, and I will do a thing, which shall go throughout all generations to the children of our nation. Ye shall stand this night in the gate, and I will go forth with my waitingwoman: and within the days that ye have promised to deliver the city to our enemies the Lord will visit Israel by mine hand. But enquire not ye of mine act: for I will not declare it unto you, till the things be finished that I do. Then said Ozias and the princes unto her, Go in peace, and the Lord God be before thee, to take vengeance on our enemies. So they returned from the tent, and went to their wards.

🎯 So basically Judith in turn brushed off his advice...we see this in verse 32: where she declared: 32 Then said Judith unto them, Hear me, and I will do a thing, which shall go throughout all generations to the children of our nation. Judith prays in Chapter 9 [PLEASE READ IT..POWERFUL] . When the men left, she prostrated herself on the ground and prayed to The Most High. She described the predicament of her people then urged The Most High to break the enemy's power by putting strength instead into the hands of a widow, herself. She also asked HIM to make her a good liar. [1 John 5:14-And this is the confidence that we have in him, that, if we ask any thing according to his will, he heareth us: Ephesians 3:20-Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us] [Yall getting this] wait.. so look, after praying..she perfumes and dresses herself to the tee.. her hair with a tiara, and put on one of the extravagant robes she wore when her husband was alive. Proverbs 12:4 Significant part]...And put her plan [faith] to action..[works]..

🎬 Up next: ACT 3: JUDITH: For Her People's Sake.. [We dive into Chap 10..and see what Judith's plan is..]

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