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Act 1.5 Esther/Vashti Perception of A Purpose

Shalom sisters! So while Esther doesn't quite hit the scene.. Let's take a peek at what she was doing while Vashti was tearing down her house..

Now, Haddassah [Esther in Hebrew] was raised by Mordecai because her parents were dead. She was considered fair and beautiful and he treated her like his own daughter♥️..

While it doesn't speak on what she was doing..I know she kept herself until marriage [virgin] and she was obeident [Est 2:10]. I often wonder of she heard stories of how Vashti acted in rebellion.. I honestly don't think this was her first go at being disrespectful to her husband!! Just Maybe 🤷🏾‍♀️ she thought to herself how NOT to become that.. I am sure she never realized she would one day be a Queen...

I would say she was a bred P31 to be chosen by The Most High for a remarkable task! If you read the story, you would see the reason for Purim which some Hebrews today celebrate.

Tomorrow we will dive in to how she enters the scene and what she does..


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