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A RIGHTEOUS woman will ALWAYS..lift her husband up.. #SomebodyGonnaGetItOnThe2ndRead

#DontDeleteMeSis🤦🏾 🤔Now many sisters will have the wrong perception of this pic.. I ask u to study it... then tell me what u think..

🗝To me this picture depicts a virtuous wife holding up her King who bares the weight of the world ..(notice she is standing on oppressors flag) still tending to her duties as a mother. This is the truth of a HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP where the wife supports and they stand as ONE [now I ask u to define "one" scripturally.. it's something to learn]!! 🔥He single handly fights the world (yet still holding our family structures together, notice the broken chains..he is free from oppressors beliefs and views) Righteous Men are our strength!!! The driving force Is The Most High.. who he dilgently it's easy to uphold and follow this man wherever he goes!!! Sometimes we need to self reflect to be his reflection that he sees.. most times women lose who they build themselves over into something greater..even if u don't understand. Keep pushing sisters.. I never said it would be easy..but in the will be worth it.. [run this race to obtain a prize] #Salvation🏆

🔥✂Any person that can't accept this.. will suffer greatly in their relationship... See this is what true EMPIRES are built on.......guess that's why we no longer have any Empires... most of us jus waiting on season 6 or whatever they up to now to air on Fox. Smh😒 cut that mess off.. and remember who u are!

Just remember sis, you could NOT begin to relate or understand the true battles of a RIGHTEOUS man...tbh, any man. Which is why some have not walked into their true purpose as of yet.. But in the meantime sis, you keep praying and build up your husband when the world tears him down daily..Not cuz I said it.. OR even if u feel he deserves it..Its what a GOOD wife does..#SCRIPTUREOVERLIPTURE

🎯 Sirach 26:1–4 Blessed is the man that hath a VIRTUOUS wife, for the 👉🏾number of his days shall be double.  A VIRTUOUS woman rejoiceth her husband, and he shall fulfil the years of his life in peace. A GOOD wife is a good portion, which shall be given in the portion of them that fear the Lord. Whether a man be rich or poor, if he have a good heart toward the Lord, he shall at all times rejoice with a cheerful countenance

🚨When u are blessed with one of these #Righteous Men .. u will know!!

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