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#DontDeleteMeSis🤦🏾 a few of you really got it ALL wrong.. Measuring the qualities u desire in a HUSBAND using dollars and cents..instead of COMMON SENSE.. You can’t judge a man by his beard size or how much scripture he quotes.. how much money he can spend.. then sit there crying and wondering why it fails after 4 weeks.. it is because you failed to head to the scripture to prove him! I will keep saying this till it click..which is why I said y’all don’t use common sense! IF u did.. that discernment would kick in immediately saying TEST TEST PROVE PROVE... he can quote precept upon precept all day.. but if he is not applying those precepta.. #WOE ...See 🎤UNTIL YOU HOLD THESE BROTHERS TO A SCRIPTURAL STANDARD.. YOU WILL ALWAYS BE LIKENED TO 2 TIM 3:6.. 🤷🏾‍♀️

🙏🏾Listen sis.. A good man is like nothing you have ever experienced..which is why u will KNOW u have one..A good man is never poor sis! He will ALWAYS take care of you because scripture says it in Psalms 37:25!! A RIGHTEOUS brother will have u like 😳 who sent you!! See this is why I need u to understand why good is better than rich:

🤲🏾 Psalm 37:23 The steps of a GOOD man ARE ordered by The Most High: and he 👉🏾delighteth👈🏾 in his way

🔓So if he delighted sis.. #UrWelcome🔑

😔..oh and another thing.. Instead of worrying about what he "brings to the table".. Just make sure u HAVE A TABLE he can pull up a chair to👏🏾😒 besides a cute face..nose ring.. Headwraps..long skirts and memorized #P31 scripts.... Ummmm #whatElseIsThereSis👀

😒Also a rich man may just do u dirty u sis... BUT A RIGHTEOUS man is too afraid of The Most High to mistreat a daughter of Zion.. so before you women start with “what if he beats u”.. my reply is 👉🏾he won’t (Malachi 2:14-14)

🙌🏾 Come see what we have brewing over at❤️

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