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30 Days Of Prayers: Moving Mountains (Morn/Evening)

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

๐Ÿ’• Day 7- Scripture says when two or more agree... Well we know the rest, if not read: Matthew 18:19-21!! As we humble ourselves before our FATHER, the CREATOR of all things.. asking that HE hear our cries and not only save our husbands, brothers, sons, dads, cousins, uncle, granddads, friends, Because once they get in order.. and under HIS rule and leadership.. we, as wives, daughters, Mother, sisters, Cousin, grandmothers, friends will blindly follow, but not a second before they heed HIS word!

๐ŸŒ… Morning Prayer:

๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿพ Father we come before you today asking for your grace and mercy on behalf of Israel and especially on behalf of the heads of Israel. We bow before you in humility Father for we know it is You that we serve and You whom we live to obey. Father you alone are worthy to be praised. We ask that You will show your hand mighty concerning the men you have chosen to be the leaders of Israel. We the body come before you interceding and lifting up the heads of Israel, those you have called to save who now need saving. They are under attack Father and we plead on their behalf. We gird ourselves and these men with the girdle of truth. We command that only truth fall upon their ears , eyes , and minds. We take full authority over any strongholds or deceptions of the mind that the enemy is using to keep them in bondage. We loose the power of the Holy spirit to reign in truth over them and speak to them in all knowledge, wisdom and understanding. We put on them and ourselves the breastplate of righteousness and command that every demonic influence that attempts to persuade these chosen men to walk in unrighteousness be cast back to the pit of hell. We command that there be a thirst for righteousness in these men. That they thirst to serve You and please you as a deer thirsts for water. Let their thirst be quenched no where else but in You Father. We put on the helmet of salvation over us and them. We command that every generational curse, every plot of witchcraft, every addiction, every enemy of their salvation is cast down at this very moment. And we take up the shield of faith for these warriors and we use it to quench every fiery dart the enemy may attempt to throw and use against them. Lastly we take up the sword of the spirit for our fallen and wayward brothers , sons, fathers , and husbands. We speak the word , Your word over them Father for your word is life and Your word does not fail. These men are predestined to live and not die. And we know there is no life outside of You. May they hunger to serve You with a hunger that will not be satisfied outside of You. They are created to be the head and not the tail, above and not beneath and the blessings of Abraham are theirs Father. But they have gone astray like the prodigal son Father but we are here standing in the gap and expecting them to return home unharmed. Bring them home Father so they may fill their positions as the chosen of Israel. We call those things which be not as though they were. We stand here in faith claiming the substance of things hoped for and those things that have not yer manifested in the flesh but are already alive in the spirit, proclaiming the victory in this battle against the children of the Most High. We believe with all assurance and expectancy that our prayers are being answered at this very moment. We rebuke the attacks of the enemy and stand in agreement against the powers of darkness. We confess that they will find no comfort in their sin, that the taste of sin will become bitter in their mouth and sour in their stomach. We confess that they will know no peace until they find themselves before You Father. That they will not rest, that their spirits be troubled until they submit to You Father. Let the Holy spirit convict them and trouble their spirits with affliction of their wrong doings. I rebuke the enemy's plot to kill them in their sin. I rebuke every unrighteous relationship and every unrighteous piece of advice that would turn them away from You. Build a hedge around them Father keep them from all harm and all unrighteousness. Direct these King's heart as the water course back to You Father where they belong. Above all let YOUR will be done through all, in all, forever and ever. We believe that it is done and we thank you for it in advance. So be it.

๐ŸŒ„ Evening Prayer

๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿพ Father, Thank You,for Your amazing grace! We thank you for allowing us to receive Your grace โ€“ Your power, ability, and help โ€“ in every area of our lives to accomplish all that You desire for us to accomplish. Your grace strengthens us to stand no matter what comes our way. Your grace is sufficient for us. Assure us that Your grace and strength is all we need. Help us to be a capable, intelligent, and virtuous women โ€“ faithful, diligent, generous and spiritually strong in Your sight. May Your law of love and kindness always be in our hearts and on our lips. We determine to continually allow Your Word to dwell in us. As we grow in Your Word, help us to always be obedient to it, and to Your will in every area of our lives. We ask You to help us reflect Your love to each child we come in contact with. Help us to be the best examples of Your love and law that we can be. For the mothers allow us to raise them in Your tender nurture, training, discipline, counsel and admonition. For the aunts, sisters, cousins, allow us to influence them through our own righteousness. Help those of us who are married to be a loving and excellent wife to our husbands so that they will be able to trust confidently and unreservedly in us. May we as women, called to be the body, greatly enrich the lives of the appointed heads, comforting, encouraging and doing them good as long as there is life within us. We ask You for wisdom as we manage our homes. Help us to look well to how things are run, and refuse to eat the bread of idleness. Help us to avoid gossip, discontention or self-pity. Let us be gracious and grateful for the blessings and the trials. Show us how to organize our day and be more productive with our time always prioritizing and placing Your work as our priority. Father, we trust in You and keep our thoughts fixed on You and Your promises and You keep us in perfect peace. Let Your peace rule in our hearts. Allow it to settle any questions that arise in our minds, and to quell any doubtful thoughts that may arise. We wholeheartedly trust in You. Father, we thank You that You love us and that You care about everything that concerns us and our families. Today, we cast every care on You, knowing that You will take care of us. With Your help, we refuse to worry, or have any anxiety about anything. Instead, we thank You in advance for meeting all of our needs and working out every situation for Your glory. We trust in Your faithfulness.You know what we need and You will provide for our families, our nation and us.

We determine to seek first Your Kingdom and Your righteousness, and we know that all the things we need will be given to us. You are always faithful to supply all our needs according to Your riches in glory by Your Son. We come to you today to put on our Armor and to stir up our dedication to You. Today we put on the helmet of salvation. We choose to rejoice in all the blessings that You have given us. We put on the belt of truth. Today we dedicate ourselves to Your truth. We honor your Word. We purpose to allow Your Word to guide us this day and every day. We put on the breastplate of righteousness.We dedicate ourselves to purity and righteous living. We put on the sandals of peace an dedicate ourselves to staying in perfect peace with You and walking in Your spirit. We take up the shield of faith and dedicate ourselves to growing in Faith and assurance of You. We take up the sword of the spirit which is Your word and dedicate ourselves to residing in your Word and using Your word in every aspect of our daily lives. Allow us to become more comfortable with speaking out about and standing on your Word.

For we know the plans You have for us plans for good and not for evil, to give us a future and an expected end..Father, we trust You with all our hearts. We have full assurance that you have planned something bigger for our lives, something that we have always wanted. Bless us , Father, with patience that we will wait eagerly as You continue to unfold what you have planned for us. We pray that we be free from all forms of pride,vanity, ego , and lusts of the flesh. We believe that we are beautiful in Your eyes and Your judgment is the only thing that really matters. May we be free of our insecurities. Without them, we may be free and we may live in peace with our sisters, brothers and ourselves. Father we pray for every sister that may be secretly or even openly hurting and carrying heavy burden, whether it be depression, doubt, anger, envy, hatred, unforgiveness, or any other grevious burden that rises up against the perfect peace You provide. You know our hearts and every detail of what we are going through. Even though we may not share every issue of what we are going through, or even share about our struggles and downfalls, we pray that You will meet us right where we are. We pray for opportunities to open up and share our struggles and our triumphs and allow our tests to be our testimonies and Your glorious praise reports. We also pray for discernment and sensitivity to not offend our sisters when they come to us in need. Help us to lean and let others lean on us while we wait on You to renew and restore every broken piece and refine every jewel. We thank you in advance for answering our prayers and meeting our needs. We thank you that our desires are granted because they are Your desires and will bring You all the glory You alone deserve. We believe that we receive it and we claim it. It is written so it is done. So be it.

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