30 Days of Prayer: Moving Mountains 🏔 (One Prayer)

🎯Can y’all believe we are already at Day 27! Today we are going to do something different since we are 3 days away.. when we first did these 30 days of prayer.. this was my most profound day! This prayer is something special... Hence why it stands alone today...👇🏾👇🏾 Don’t take my word for it!!

💕Father we come before Your throne asking for grace and mercy. We ask that Your mighty hand be shown in this battle against the forces of evil, and against the attack against the children of Israel. We the sisters, mothers, daughters, and wives come humbly before you in obedience according to your word that says in 1 Thessalonians 5:17 Pray without ceasing. Father we come before you in the spirit of obedience, asking for forgiveness on behalf of Israel, our ancestors, and those that have gone astray. We ask for grace and mercy on their behalf. We thank You that the men of Israel are called to be the heads and the saviors, loving their wives as The Messiah loves the church, just as the Messiah is their example according to Ephesians 5:23. And according to Colossians 1:9- 12. We bring our brother, fathers, husbands, and sons before You Father for the cause of Israel and the salvation of the saints and we will not cease to pray for them. Father Your word says that the effectual fervent prayers of the righteous availeth much and we are in need of much result and much favor. We know that the enemy is attacking Israel. Attempting to decapitate the head from the body to render us incapable of performing the work You have set before us. Your word also says that when we operate in obedience there is nothing that will be withheld from us, especially if we pray according to Your will. We ask that you forge in us a spirit of obedience even unto death. That we be willing to sacrifice ourselves for Your will Father. We come to You asking for healing Father. For in your word it says that no weapon formed against us shall prosper and that by his stripes we are healed. Your word says that sin is death and You are life. We call for life to the places where the enemy has planted death Father. We know it is his intention for our brothers, father, sons and husbands who have gone astray to reap death for their transgressions. We know that he has enticed them into the pit that they may be lost. But You are the healer and the restorer, the giver of life. I pray that You heal the tears and reconnect those who have been severed from You. Father breathe Your life giving breath into these dead situations and these dying bodies, into these dead unions, and severed heads. Let every tear be mended let every broken piece be found and healed let everything that was lost be replaced. We know Your hand is with them for they are the sins you have foreknown, predestinated, called, and justified that soon they will be magnified for Your glory. We know You are our savior and You are with them because Your word says you will never leave us nor forsake us. You are the POWER of impossible things. There is nothing that is outside of Your power. We know that You are more than capable to perform the work of bringing them home. You are the restored and we ask that You restore our nation, our bodies to their appointed heads. Your word says what you have joined together let no man put asunder not even us, not even them. So we stand on that word and call that which has been broken, fixed. That which has been put asunder, rectified. That which has been stolen, replaced, and that which has been tainted, cleansed. Renew their minds Father. Tear down every stronghold , every barrier that has been erected to interfere with Your will. Tear down every idol erected against You. Break the chains around them and remove the blinders from their eyes. We pray that they receive supernatural eyesight so they may see their enemy clearly, hearing so they may hear Your voice alone. We pray that every demonic influence is broken and bound. We command every demon and imp assigned to continuously deceive them to be bound and their mouths to be supernaturally sealed shut. We command every unrighteous soul tie, every spell of witchcraft be broken and bound never to return. We loose the power of the Holy spirit to go forth with healing power and ministering power to fill every crack and every crevice that is left empty so that these demons will have no place to return. Fill Your sons with Your strength Father. Fill them with Your heart, Your desires, Your ways, and Your will.

🙌🏾 Let them long to please You more than they long for anything else in this earth. Fill them with Your righteousness. Allow Your purifying fire to rise up within them and burn away every impurity, every single seed, thought, idea, vision, relationship, and desire that is not of You. Fill them with Your love and forgiveness Father. We put on Your whole armor over them that they find no comfort or protection, no rest, or no understanding outside of Your will. We pray that You be before them all day everyday and no matter where they turn they are reminded of You. We pray that even in their sleep the Holy spirit trouble them with their obligations and responsibilities. We understand they have been wounded and are hurt and ashamed. We pray that You will reconcile those emotions back in line with Your will. We forgive them and we pray forgiveness for them. Especially that You help them forgive themselves and repent. Make sins sour taste in their mouths. Make the taste of their temptations be bitter and not satisfying ever again. We know it is possible for it has already been done. Place in them a clean heart and clean mind. Cleanse them if all unrighteousness for Your name sake Father. We call these things which seem to be not as though they already are. We confess completion of your work in the leaders and heads of Israel just as you are working to complete your perfect work in us. We confess perfection of the mirror images of You that You have created for You and through You to go forth and produce and perform as You will them to do. We confess strength, honor and integrity is alive in them and they wear it as a crown . We confess faithfulness and loyalty over them and humility in their thoughts and actions . We confess Your spirit reigns over their lives and all that they are . We confess order and peace is their drug. We confess temperance and self control is their addiction. We confess submission and full obedience to Your will and word be their thirst and hunger. We stand on the promise that we, not just the daughter but especially the sons have been created to produce the fruit of the spirit. So we confess these fruits have already taken root in the spirits of your sons Father as they have already taken root in us. We confess that every seed that would rise up against Your fruit has dried up at the root and has been removed. We thank you that this work has started in us. That although we are meant to follow right now we take the lead, with gladness and humility, as empty vessels hearts mind and soul longing to be filled and used by You. Let us be Your beacons of light . Let us be Your overflowing vessels of love. Let us be filled with Your love that covers all, bears all, and is full of faith. Continue to show us our weaknesses and errs Father. Continue to purify us through your word and render us perfect in your sight. We thank You that You are not only preparing us but providing us with the tools to succeed and be righteous help-meets We are drawing us towards You more everyday and as we grow closer to You we grow closer to those who belong to You. We long to succeed and fulfill your will Father. And we can see it coming to pass as we know we will also see it come to pass in them, the heads, the leaders, the priests, the set apart saviors of the nations. We thank You for every husband and head of Israel that currently stands in his appointed position. We ask that you fortify them with your might and strength that they be unmovable. That nothing will tear them from their position as part of this Royal priesthood. Let them love their wives as they love themselves. Let them love as The Messiah loves Israel as You love Israel with a selfless love. Let them be covered in the armor You have provided for us. Let their be a hedge of protection surrounding them all. Let us finally be completed and on one accord praising You with one voice worshiping You with one heart and mind. Doing Your will as one body. This is Your desire Father. Your desire is ours as well. We not only desire it, we need it, we long for it. We stand in agreement asking for it because Your word says that anything we ask for You will give it to us. So we thank You that this is ours as it is Yours. That it is manifesting in the flesh as it is already done in the spirit. We wait on it to be delivered. We claim it, for ourselves, for our nation, for You. We know that You alone are worthy of all our praise. We thank You for everything that You supply for us, for being our provider and our protector. We thank You for making a way out of no way. Thank You Father. It is written and it is done. So be it. Father we come to You in all reverence. We worship and honor You for all You have been and are doing for us. We plead for Your mercy and grace. We plead for You to wrap us in Your loving arms. Father we need you. Please don't hide your face from us in this the time of our greatest adversity. Many of us are under attack and weakening. We need Your strength. Fortify us with Your might, Your love, Your joy, and Your peace. We lay our burdens at Your feet Father. Help us not to pick them back up. Help us to only be concerned with the work You put before us. Remind us daily that our personal protection is not our responsibility. You are our protector when we are unprotected. Remind us daily that our provision and the provision for our children is not our responsibility. You are our provider. Your word says that You will supply all of our needs according to Your riches and glory. Remind us that although the path we walk is lonely, and hard to maintain at times, You are the writer of our Providence. you have created us with an expected end in mind. That Your expected end cannot fail. Remind us daily that everything works out for the good of us that love and obey You Father. Keep us blinded to the distractions of this wicked world. Keep us focused on You, our eyes stayed on You. Keep us from focusing on what we see in the flesh. Help us to focus on Your promises and Your word. Keep us mindful of the manifestations in the spirit as we wait for them to manifest in the flesh.

💕 Help us to close our eyes to the deceit of this world. We thank You for our positions as Your daughter, the body of this nation. We thank you for giving us immeasurable amounts of Your strength to endure in this time of standing and waiting. We expectantly wait in You to move us Father. Order our steps and direct our paths. Thank You for fortifying us during this time of growth and faith. Have Your way with Your children Father. Make each of us into the vessels You created us to be. We release all of cares and worries to You. We know that You are the author and finisher of all things. There is no need to fear, worry, or be anxious about anything. For You are in control of all things. Prepare us to be better help-meets Condition us to be the women that we need to be, to be the strong bodies , the back bones that support these heads. Constantly remind us how much of a weight it is to be the head and to realize exactly how we should support them. Help us to be understanding, exercising all patience and long suffering where it concerns the heads of Israel. Help us to respect them as our leaders, to show them the same mercy we have ourselves received. To deal with them as Your beloved sons, to see them through Your eyes and not our fleshly eyes. Just as we hope to be seen through Your eyes and not judged by the standards of this world. Help us to continue to be set apart, to walk the narrow path with our eyes stayed in You. We ask that You defend us Father. It is hard for us to do our job when there are pieces of this body missing. We ask that You lead, guide, and direct us through this course until You can repair what has been broken and restore what has been severed. We ask that you not only restore but remake Father. Build up the heads of Israel. Remake us all in the proper image Father. Tear down the images given to us by the world and replace them with righteousness. Tear down the improper thought patterns and strongholds of the mind and replace them with good, pure, and perfect thoughts . Keep us in line with the Holy spirit. Let us be comforted by her in the time of our trial and sorrow. Heal us in our inner most broken places Father that there not be a chink anywhere in our armor for the enemy to infiltrate us again. We pray for Your healing power, Your restoration. You know our needs, You know our desires Father. They are Yours and we ask in assurance that all of our needs and desires are being granted. We can only imagine the preparation it takes to turn those seen as undesirable and unsavable into mirror images of You, who will walk as the Messiah walked and are willing and able to love as us as He loved the church, who are willing and able to lead and teach us in righteousness and be selfless and serve as You have called them to do. We thank you that through these trials, the patience and long-suffering we need to endure the wait for them in their time of chastisement and purging is being produced and procured in us. Thank you for the strength to stand when we feel like quitting. Thank you for the strength to endure when the fire seems to get too hot. We thank you that although we cannot see the work you are doing in them we know with all assurance that it is happening at this very moment. We call these things which seem to be not as though they already are. We confess completion of your work in the heads of Israel just as you are working to complete your perfect work in us. We confess them leaders of the set apart nation, and us their righteous help-meets We confess them the Royal priesthood and us their obedient body. We confess them the saviors of the nation and we the church that they love as themselves. We confess perfection and completion. We confess that every need is met. We confess the every weapon of the enemy is fouled and foiled. We confess that every spell of witchcraft and every unrighteous soul tie has been shattered never to be rebuilt. We confess weakness of spirit is bound and rebuilt with the strength of the Most High. We confess that righteousness and honor is their drug of choice now. We confess that doing the will of the Father is their only temptation. We confess that the hold of sin has been broken over all of us. We confess we are addicted to obedience and submission to Your will. We confess that we walk in our royalty. That all things have been given unto our hands for the glory of our Father. We confess this is our time. This is Your time Father. Rise up your warriors, Your teachers, Your sons. We thank you that is occurring at this very moment. It has been written since the beginning of time. And it is coming forth now. We claim it.

And we wait for You expectantly to perform it. So be it.

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