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30 DAYS OF PRAYER: Moving Mountains 🏔 (Morn/Evening prayers)

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

🌈Day 13!! Almost half way🙌🏾❤️ Don’t stop now sis!!! I know some may be getting attacked and some are already seeing mountains moving.... my advice to you is keep praying..there’s a reason sis!! (1 Thessalonians 5:16-28) I pray that you understand that you matter to THE MOST HIGH!! Stop letting people tell your voice doesn’t matter... it does sis!! Your prayers matter... you matter!! Let’s keep pushing these Mountains our the way!!

🌅Morning Prayer:

Heavenly Father thank you for another day. Another day to behold Your glory through Your grace, mercy, love, provision, protection, and providence. Another day to get things right in Your eyesight. Forgive us Father for all of our short comings from the day just passed. Forgive us for anything we have done that displeased You. For it is our desire to be pleasing in Your sight. Bless us and fill us with the Holy spirit. That leads us in the ways of righteousness. Fill us up with You until we overflow with Your goodness, and Your ways. We desire to fulfill Your work and Your will. We ask for forgiveness on behalf of our nation, our ancestors, and our fallen. Heal our nation Father. We come to You because You are our source. You are our Father. And Your word says that the wicked give to their children how much more would You give to us that we ask for. So we come as Your children. Humbly , in meekness, and temperance. Not asking for earthly riches but riches of spirit. We ask that you will restore our heads Father. We ask that you bring back the order which You originally intended and reposition the men that have left their posts. You have called them to be our heads, leaders, a set apart nation,

a royal priesthood, and saviors. You have predestined them for these assignments. You have created us to be a complete unit and we cannot function without completion . So we ask You Father for You to exercise Your will Father, to exact Your desire. Your word says that You desire us to be one, but we have been turned against each other and divided. Restore the unity. Remove the mountain of division in these unions, in the body, and in the nation. You have called them to lead and yet they follow the world. Restore the order Father. Remove the mountain of disobedience. You have called them to be set apart yet they mingle with the heathen. Restore the hedge of separation around Your chosen . Remove the mountain of rebellion that causes them to mingle with lawlessness. You have called them royal yet they have adopted heathen ways and worship heathen gods. Restore their nobility and their thirst for You, their source. Remove the mountain of deception that causes them to call what You have deemed as evil for goodness and goodness for evil. You have called them to be strong yet they cower from their work. Restore them with Your power and the ability and hunger to obey. Remove the mountain adversity. Rebuke the enemy that seeks to rise against Your children and make a mockery of Your name in the earth. These are Your desires for us Your children. We long to live Your desires Father. We long to be the righteousness You see, and the mirror image for the world to behold. We know that it is their heart's desire to please You as well. But they need Your help Father. We cannot do this without You. Without You we are empty vessels. Fill us. Fill them with the love that conquers all. Your word says love covers a multitude of sins. And we stand here with love for our kings, our brothers, the men You have chosen to lead, asking for You to cover us all with Your love. For without You we are not able to stand. Without You they cannot return. They cannot succeed on their own merit or their own strength. We know they are weak but in You they are strong. We plead You stretch forth Your mighty hand. Without them we are incomplete. Father we plead for You to fix what is broken, to right what is wrong , to restore what has been stolen. You are our Father, our provider, our source and You promised not to withhold anything good thing from us. We ask that you do this for the glory of Your kingdom. Rise up Your holy nation Father. Set us in line and in one accord again. Bring home the family members that are still sleeping or have awakened and wandered off the path. Chastens us and prove us and refine us with fire Father. Justify us that in the end we may be magnified and You will be glorified. We thank You that in serving all of our needs are met. We thank You that in giving we receive. We thank You that in obeying we are blessed beyond measure. We love You Father and we ask not that we receive but that we can complete Your work. We ask that Your perfect will be done in us. We know that we ask according to Your will and it is already so. We stand in assurance of the completion of all we have asked and more. We thank You and praise You for You are wonderful and awesome and we in no way could ever deserve all You have dine and are doing in us and through us. Have Your way Father. So be

🌄 Evening Prayer:

Father we come humbly before Your throne with praise and worship in our mouths and Thanksgiving in our hearts.  We ask for forgiveness for any unrighteous thoughts or actions we have committed against you. We ask for forgiveness on behalf of our ancestors and our heads.  Have mercy on us Father. Please continue to grant us the opportunity to be made perfect in You. We pray on behalf of our sisterhood Father.  We pray that for the rest of our lives—in whatever calling—we be completely devoted to Your glory. We commit that the promises of Your word be trusted so fully that peace and joy and strength fill our souls to overflowing. We ask that this fullness that belongs to only You Father, overflow in daily acts of love so that people might see Your goodness at work in us and give glory to You. We pledge that each of us be women of the Book, who love and study and obey the Bible in every area of its teaching; that meditation on biblical truth be the source of hope and faith; that we continue to grow in understanding through all the chapters of our lives. Let us always be women of prayer, so that Your Word will be made clear to us, and so the power of faith, perfect understanding and knowledge will descend upon us; that our spiritual influence may increase at home and wherever else You see fit to use us Father. We ask that you enlarge our understanding and that we innately connected with the Holy spirit and partake in her wisdom causing us to become deep thinkers about the doctrines of grace, and even deeper lovers of all things pertaining to righteousness and holiness. We long to be completely committed to ministry, whatever our specific calling may be; that we not be wasteful of our time but that we always keep Your work and Your Kingdom first in our lives. We pray that our single sisters use and dedicate their singleness to the full in devotion to Your work (the way our Messiah and brother Paul did) and not be paralyzed or over run by the desire to be married. And likewise that, if the sister be married, we pray that they humbly,  wisely and sincerely support the leadership of their husband, redirecting him as the head and Your representative; that You encourage him in his appointed role as head; that You constantly influence him spiritually,  ordering his home, his steps, and their lives as one. We pray for the sisters with children, to accept responsibility to raise them up in the discipline and and righteous instruction of the Most High—children who hope in the triumph of His kingdom— teaching Your ways, and giving them the special attention they need from us as well as that loving them with the love we have been taught is real love,  the love of our Father. Father please do not allow us to get so wrapped up in worldly matters that we begin to assume that worldly employment is a better provider or a better use of our lives than the countless opportunities of service and witness in the home, the neighborhood, the community, the church, and the world. Let us be willing vessels that You use at Your will in whatever way You see fit.  We pray that You develop in us a wartime mentality and lifestyle; causes us to stay in constant remembrance that this is a war and everyday lives are lost, that billions of people hang in the balance of heaven and hell, that the love of money is is the root of all evil, that the lusts of the flesh are emnity with You,  and that the thirst for material gain is a distraction and dangerous substitute for the goals of living for You with all that we are. We ask all these things for Your glory and for the progress of the kingdom that is coming.  We ask above all we could ever pray thay Your will be done in all and above all.  We thank You for all You have done,  all Your are doing,  and all that is yet to come.  We love You Father and we claim all that You have promised us and stand in expectancy of its manifestation in the flesh in Your perfect timing.  Thank You  for Your provision and protection and most of all Your providence. So be it.  

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Sep 19, 2020

And it is so!!🙌🏿🙌🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿


So be it🧎🏾‍♀️

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